Human Potential

Intelligent guardian tech built to digitally transform health and safety risk management and increase productivity and wellness.

Human Potential

Intelligent guardian tech built to digitally transform health and safety risk management and increase productivity and wellness.

Trusted by Reliable Brands

Trusted by Reliable Brands

Connected Health & Safety™

Living and working environments made safer through intelligent-guardian technology. Our products are designed to protect and enrich the lives around you, increasing safety, productivity, and wellness.

Providing Clarity & Promoting Prevention

SafeGuard® takes the guesswork out of safety by serving as an intelligent guardian to those at risk. SafeGuard continually evaluates personalized health and safety risk horizons through unobtrusive sensors, contextual analytics, and intuitive software.



Elevating Healthcare Safety


Wellness Powered by
SafeGuard Intelligence

Physical Performance

Optimize. Perform. Thrive.

Worker Safety

Guarding Lives,
Elevating Work.


Efficiency Secured.
Operations Enhanced.


Guarding Heroes,
Strengthening Security.

Types of Application

Two men shaking hands in hospital room

Acute Care

Industrial worker watching machine taking notes

Asset Monitoring

Elderly daughter helping her mother

Assisted & Independent Living

Woman installing electrical wires in small space

Confined Space

Three firefighters in full gear facing the camera

Emergency Response

Athlete running in the snow

Fitness Assessment & Training

Worker running test on gas lines

Gas Detection

Heat Stress

Man sitting in an office monitoring four screens

Home Monitoring

Improving Lives with Safeguard®

SafeGuard is a secure intelligent guardian platform that uses a mix of wearable and static environmental sensors. The data is fused with information gathered from wireless comms and intelligent analytics to produce a hybrid computer model that provides prescriptive insights and proactive alerts.


Capturing relevant health and safety signals through the latest sensor technology.​

In-app alerting for user and guardian​

Real-time remote monitoring


Cutting-edge analytical methods to shift from reactive treatment to proactive prevention​.

Geospatial awareness analysis​

Longitudinal data analysis​

Long-term trend data analysis​

Physiological risk data analysis​


Secure and encrypted transmission of pertinent data to approved devices.​ Integration with commercially available sensors​.

In-app alerting user and guardian​

Real-time remote monitoring


Uncovering hidden safety and efficiency insights through intuitive presentation​.

Featured Case Study:

Labor Efficiency & Heat Safety

Ross is the Safety Director at Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) and has always made the health and safety of his workforce a top priority. As the seasonal temperatures have gotten more extreme and he seeks to have his company prepared for impending heat safety regulations, he realized that their company needed a more scalable, accurate, and data-driven approach to heat safety. He also knew that the solution needed to protect workers privacy, enable them power over and insights from their own data, and easy to use.

The Origin Story

VigiLife™ started as a collaboration between Aptima, a human-centered engineering company and co-founder, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Sustainment Center, and Lockheed Martin, who hypothesized that workers in confined spaces could leverage off-the-shelf health and safety monitoring devices to provide continuous and standardized oversight of individuals in risk-laden environments.

Safety as a Service® — Technology You Can Trust

SafeGuard’s technology provides a modern, secure, and scalable health and safety risk assessment solution for you and organizations alike. Its Department of Defense origins provide you and your team with industry-leading cybersecurity and privacy-preserving solutions.