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Wellness Beyond Limits

Empower health and wellness with VigiLife’s intelligent guardian technology, SafeGuard®.

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Anticipate, Protect, Thrive

VigiLife’s SafeGuard goes beyond fitness trackers, providing real-time oversight for holistic well-being. Our intelligent guardian technology offers personalized and predictive protection, fostering a healthier and more resilient lifestyle.

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Remote Therapy

Assisted Living

Ways Our Technology Can Support You

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Acute Care

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Assisted & Independent Living

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Home Monitoring

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Occupational Health

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Physical Therapy & Rehab

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Staff Safety & Wellness

Featured Case Study:

Labor Efficiency & Heat Safety

Ross is the Safety Director at Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) and has always made the health and safety of his workforce a top priority. As the seasonal temperatures have gotten more extreme and he seeks to have his company prepared for impending heat safety regulations, he realized that their company needed a more scalable, accurate, and data-driven approach to heat safety. He also knew that the solution needed to protect workers privacy, enable them power over and insights from their own data, and easy to use.

Construction worker looking at VigiLife app on smartphone.
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