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Your Intelligent Guardian​: SafeGuard®

Technology that provides secure real-time alerts and remote data viewing to help protect you, your team, colleagues, or loved ones.​

SafeGuard gathers information from wearable and environmental sensors and uses edge computing and cloud-based analytics to transform code into actionable health and safety insights.

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What Is SafeGuard?

SafeGuard is a secure intelligent guardian platform that uses a mix of wearable and static environmental sensors. The data is fused with information gathered from wireless comms and intelligent analytics to produce a hybrid computer model that provides prescriptive insights and proactive alerts.​ In other words, SafeGuard takes all the data that comes in from a variety of sources and distills it into information that can save or improve lives.​


Elevating Healthcare Safety


Wellness Powered by
SafeGuard® Intelligence

Physical Performance

Optimize. Perform. Thrive.

Worker Safety

Guarding Lives,
Elevating Work.


Efficiency Secured.
Operations Enhanced.


Guarding Heroes,
Strengthening Security.

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Technology You Can Trust​

SafeGuard’s technology provides a modern, secure, and scalable health and safety risk assessment solution for you and organizations alike. Its Department of Defense origins provide you and your team with industry-leading cybersecurity and privacy-preserving solutions.

Assessing Human Safety Risks

SafeGuard is the world’s first open-architecture Safety as a Service® platform built to save and improve lives without compromising privacy and lifestyle. We make health and safety personal through innovative assessment and protective solutions.


Capturing relevant health and safety signals through the latest sensor technology​

Security & Privacy

Secure, industry-leading encryption ensures only pertinent data is transmitted to approved devices, increasing privacy for users and reducing liability for organizations.


Cutting-edge analytical methods to shift from reactive treatment to proactive prevention​​

Intelligent Sensing

Rather than focus on a single point of risk, SafeGuard looks at the physiological, environmental, geographic, and behavioral data of its users and provides continuous real-time oversight that promotes users’ safety, wellness, and productivity.​

Vigilife screen graphic showing Sensing capability.

Monitoring & Alerts

SafeGuard uses the data it gathers to generate insights—real-time alerts, longitudinal exposure monitoring, event logging, and help requests—on a variety of end-user devices.​

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Peace of Mind

SafeGuard takes the guesswork out of worker safety. You always know what’s happening now, what potential problems might lie ahead, and what you can do to avoid them.​

Focusing on the Safety of Teams

Our team’s purpose is to protect your team. Meet the individuals dedicated to reducing risk and providing powerful predictive insights derived from real-time worker and environmental data.