Operations Enhanced

Transform operations with VigiLife’s intelligent guardian technology, SafeGuard®.

Efficiency Secured

VigiLife’s SafeGuard optimizes operations by providing real-time health and safety oversight. With intelligent alerting and intuitive data presentation, it ensures comprehensive, personalized, and predictive protection, enhancing decision-making and efficiency.





Ways Our Technology Can Support You

Industrial worker watching machine taking notes

Asset Monitoring

Heat Stress

Worker fastening electrical wiring on street pole

Lone Worker Awareness

Stress & Fatigue Management

Featured Case Study:

Labor Efficiency & Heat Safety

Ross is the Safety Director at Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) and has always made the health and safety of his workforce a top priority. As the seasonal temperatures have gotten more extreme and he seeks to have his company prepared for impending heat safety regulations, he realized that their company needed a more scalable, accurate, and data-driven approach to heat safety. He also knew that the solution needed to protect workers privacy, enable them power over and insights from their own data, and easy to use.