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Where It All Began

VigiLife started as a collaboration between Aptima, a human-centered engineering company and co-founder, the Air Force Research laboratory and Sustainment Center, and Lockheed Martin who hypothesized that workers in confined spaces could leverage off-the-shelf health and safety monitoring devices to provide continuous and standardized oversight of individuals in risk-laden environments.


Government SBIR research at Aptima and with Air Force Research Laboratory


“Confined Space Monitoring System (CSMS)” Field Demonstrations with USAF and Lockheed Martin


Aptima Ventures, Zach Kiehl, and Noah DePreist launch a company dedicated to commercializing the CSMS


  • First venture investment received and full-time team members join

  • Startup of the Year award by the Dayton Development Coalition

  • First government contract with USAF and US Navy


  • Refactoring of CSMS into “SafeGuard” product and beta launch

  • SafeGuard product receives Soin Innovation Award

  • SafeGuard product selected for DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program

  • Seed Round of $2.125M raised


  • Public launch of SafeGuard and design partner program begins

  • SafeGuard is featured on the Today Show for heat stress use case

  • SafeGuard is piloted and deployed to several large enterprises (Fortune 500s and USG)

  • Company is renamed “VigiLife” with a mission to protect and enrich the lives of those at risk


  • VigiLife clears $2M in revenue

  • VigiLife expands design partner program and prepares for scale and Series A

VigiLife's SafeGuard works to ensure worker wellbeing & safety, empower organizational productivity & efficiency, and certify corporate responsibility & sustainability.

Meet the Team

Meet the individuals dedicated to reducing risk and providing powerful predictive insights derived from real-time worker and environmental data.

Trusted by Reliable Brands

Trusted by Reliable Brands